I Am Humbled

I Am Humbled
Dena & Her Family

I’ve been reflective lately on how God has lovingly humbled me through life. It’s always hard to realize that I’ve been arrogant, judgmental, unappreciative, and selfish at times. My heart does not desire to be any of those things but, alas, I am human.

I Am Human

I was the girl who became pregnant in high school after saying I couldn’t believe others were in the wrong with their choices with their boyfriends. I was the last person on the planet that I ever expected to be in that position!!!! But, God humbled me and I was able to grow in kindness, compassion, and grace. He taught me a major life lesson through an unexpected teen pregnancy and a precious baby boy. I learned that I should never say what I will or will not do until I have lived that circumstance.  Taking responsibility for our own actions was one of the biggest and most difficult decisions we have ever made in our lives. It was our goal from the moment we found out we were pregnant to stick with each other and give this child the best we could. This meant sleepless nights, working odd hours so we could attend college and support our little family, putting our needs ahead of our wants and most importantly, striving to do God’s will and stay in His word for guidance and direction.  We were children raising a child and God blessed us with a loving and supportive family to get us through the challenges of first time parenting.  This experience gave me some much-needed perspective on life and how hard it is to live in this world sometimes.

 I Am A Teacher

My husband and I got married when our son was 18 months old. We finished our college coursework. I became a teacher and he dove into the financial world with his business degree. We built a house and had two more beautiful children together. They are our testimony for how God can take our sin and weaknesses and turn them into something beautiful and honorable if we will just follow His commands and allow Him to work in our lives.  At times, we have gotten caught up in our successes and have made the mistake of acting like we got where we were on our own accord. These times provided more opportunities for God to teach us to have a humble spirit and give Him the glory for all that we had.


I Am A Work In Progress

In the midst of raising a family and trying to make ends meet, I failed to care for myself like I should have and gained a significant amount of weight. With all of the wonderful blessings in life that I had, I should have been the happiest person on the face of the planet. But, I fell into a pit of self-loathing and despair and I constantly criticized myself. I also found myself comparing my weight, fashion choices and hairstyles with other moms around me. If someone was skinnier than me, or had a quality I wished I had, I’d look for ways to criticize them in my mind to make myself feel better. I’d justify my poor health choices by telling myself I was a better housekeeper or cook or mother. I had fallen back into my old ways of judging others. This was a destructive, warped and self-centered mindset and when I finally realized I was putting other people down in my mind to compensate for my insecurities and disappointments it was eye-opening and liberating!! I asked God to forgive me for my unkind thoughts and asked for His favor and protection as I tried to work on myself. I took control of my health, decided to be positive and uplifting to others at all times and set aside my pride as I reached out for help on improving my health habits so I could be a better wife, mother and friend. I found an awesome health and wellness program through my sister-in-law and have been able to lose 47 pounds and 42 inches in the past several months. In return for my diligence in asking for forgiveness for my critical and unkind thoughts about myself and others, God has given me the opportunity to help others on their journeys to health and wellness as well. It has been amazingly rewarding to help others who are struggling like I was to get to a point where they are happy with themselves, grateful to God and feeling amazing. God has turned my painful and unpleasant experiences into a platform for ministry to others. I now have a heart for pregnant teens, young married couples, single parents, children and for those who have struggled with low self-esteem all because of the challenging and humbling experiences God has placed before me.

I Am Thankful

I’m thankful that God has entrusted me to raise my children, be a wife to my husband and work to help others. I often get so excited about all that He has in store for me that I am downright impatient!!!  Lately I have had to take a few steps back and evaluate my thoughts and actions because I’ve found myself judging God’s plans for me at times. If I’m not where I want to be when I want to be, I throw an internal fit. But recently He opened my eyes to the fact that when I am discouraged because He is not making things happen the way I think they should, it is because He has a perfect plan for me and my plan pales in comparison. Who am I to tell the Lord and Creator that I know what’s best for myself!? I know that God is not finished with me yet, and that I still have a lot to learn. I also realize that not every humbling experience will be as dramatic as others I have endured. I pray that God humbles me each day through the little things in life so that I may stay focused on His vision for me.

I Am Humbled!

All I can say is I feel HUMBLED! I’m ever so thankful for this because it puts life into perspective and resets my focus where it should be: in the Word and with the Lord, searching for His will for me. I am praying for anyone out there who might be facing a humbling situation right now. There is always a lesson to learn in each challenge and I pray for wisdom and discernment for all who might need it right now.  Amen.



(I hope you enjoyed this guest post from my amazing niece, Dena.  I invite you to check out the post about my mom titled: Tribute To My Mom.)



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  1. WOw wow!! this is so powerful! i haven’t read anything this inspiring in a while!
    and i dig how candid you are about everything. Mad respect for your profession. my dad is a teacher as well.
    Congratz on the epic family. You’re one of the first I’ve read to speak maturely about teen pregnancy. thank you for not sounding like that MTV show lol.
    Rocking post I enjoyed reading every bit. shared on twitter.

  2. We should indeed pray to be humble.
    This was a beautiful read.
    I’m so glad you can see God’s transforming your life.

    Keep holding strong to him! Thanks for sharing.

  3. This is such an inspiring story about never giving up no matter what you face in life. It was such a good read, thanks for sharing your story and always remain humbled. We are all a work in progress, but we try to do the best that we can for the people that we love.

  4. What a lovely story! I’m glad that you both finish college. I think it was your son to give you motivation to finish.

  5. My heart always gets fulfilled reading stores like yours. We’ve all been there with the negative aspects of being ourselves and yes, being humbled is one of those pure yet unexplainable spiritual things that can happen to us at some point, changing our lives and perspectives forever.

  6. I truly love this especially the work in progress part. We all have room to progress, grow and change. We are all works in progress and we are all getting better each day that we try!

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