Art From The Heart

Art from the heart is alive and well in my former chemo lab. Now, I find my heart torn because I am visiting my sister in the chemo lab.  My visit the other day reminded me of this post I did earlier. I share it with you because it has so much meaning. So many people are battling cancer that my heart literally breaks on a daily basis. 

Art From The Heart

I was at the clinic earlier this week and I dropped by the chemo lab to say “Hi” to the nurses. I recognized at least 5 of the nurses. They are truly caring individuals. The nurse who gave me the best advice during chemo has moved and no longer works there. That advice was “Don’t be a hero.”

Art From The Heart

I noticed that some new ceiling tiles were painted. I found out that cancer patients and their families painted all of the ceiling tiles. When I was getting my chemo treatments, I sat in a recliner with my feet up and listened to my praise and worship music.  When I opened my eyes I was staring at the ceiling, a ceiling of ‘art from the heart‘. What an inspiration!

FullSizeRender (3)


FullSizeRender (6)


Ring The Bell

During my visit, a patient completed her last chemo and got to ring the bell.


I had tears in my eyes as her husband took pictures of her ringing the bell and pictures of her with the nurses.

I remember that chapter in my life…that feeling of relief.  As I moved to the next chapter in my life, I became more grateful and thankful.

Now I am going to add a ceiling tile to the collection of ‘Art From The Heart‘.


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