Every Picture Tells A Story

Every picture tells a story and I remember this one vividly. I remember taking this picture with my granddaughter. After a very long day at work, I stopped by to see her and of course I was welcomed with hugs and kisses. The hugs and kisses instantaneously made my rough day better.

Every Picture Tells A Story









She noticed that she had on a sweater that was a similar  color to my sweater. So we took this picture. Actually,  she is the one who noticed that we had on the same color. She said, “Look Mimi!  We match.”


Every picture tells a story.

She didn’t know that I just had the hard day at work. She was just glad to see me and she noticed the smallest of things that was important to her. With a smile on her face,  we took a selfie. I love this picture because she is in it.


Capture your story in pictures.

For years and years, I dodged the camera because I didn’t look the way I wanted to look, I didn’t have make up on, I didn’t lose enough weight, or I didn’t like the way my hair was.  I wouldn’t get my picture taken. Now, I take pictures. No matter when it is or where it is, I need to be in that picture because I need her to remember me. It’s very important to me and my grandchildren know who I am and know my story. Just a reminder to make the most of every day and every picture tells a story.

So, my friends, get in the picture and tell your story.


***I write about my thoughts, my hopes, my soul, my highs, my lows and everything in between. I share my journey through breast cancer and  invite you to read my story in Keeping It Real.

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