Kindness Continues With Us

Kindness continues with us!

kindness continues with us



Congratulations for meeting our goal of 300 acts of kindness. If 10 people did 1 kind deed each day, then after 30 days, 300 acts of kindness would change the world. We filled Facebook and the internet with kindness. So, kindness continues with us.

Random Kindness

I want to share how my family was affected by kindness over the last month.  First, my husband had the opportunity to assist an elderly woman by putting air in her tires at a gas station. She was so relieved to find someone who helped her. I watched two people keep on driving past her but we stopped to help. Next, my daughter showed intentional kindness to others. (She didn’t even know about the challenge.)


Intentional Kindness

My youngest daughter gave birth to her first child a few days ago. You would think that she would only be focused on herself and her baby. Much to my surprise, she had presents for all of the grandparents since we were there on Grandparent’s Day. I was humbled and amazed. Not only did she think about us, but she also had candy bars for the nurses. When the nurses made those late night visits, their faces lit up with joy to think that someone bestowed kindness upon them. Even a candy bar can bring cheer to someones day.

 You can keep this list and add to it daily. The purpose of the list was to assist us in being purposeful about kindness.  

30 Days of Kindness …Ideas

DAY 1...

Call a loved one you haven’t spoken to in a while.

Be encouraging


Bring donuts or other delicious sweets to work

Don’t complain


Leave a kind note for a family member or friend

Collect can goods for a food bank


Donate blood (if able)

Make it a point to smile at every one you see or pass by


Send flowers to a teacher (current or former) who has dedicated his/her life to teaching

Donate old books or magazines to a hospital or nursing home


Use this day to catch up. After all, it’s not about quantity. It’s about quality.


Praise someone at work for doing a good job

Check in on someone you know is alone


Make amends with someone you have wronged

Pay for the person behind you in the drive-thru


Hug a family member

Give your pocket change to someone who needs it

DAY 10

Pick up any trash/liter you see

Put a grocery cart back where it belongs

DAY 11

Give a generous to a server

Go out of your comfort zone to make a new friend

DAY 12

Introduce yourself to a neighbor

Be thankful…

DAY 13

Write a letter to a friend

Say ‘thank you’ a lot

DAY 14

Let people merge in traffic

Be someone’s cheerleader

DAY 15

Smile easily and laugh

Recognize the good in others

DAY 16

Take a meal to a family you know

Run an errand for somebody

DAY 17

Say something nice to everyone you see

Offer someone behind you in the grocery check-out line to go in front of you.

DAY 18

Give encouragement to someone who is working hard

Make a personalized playlist for a family member

DAY 19

Call someone you haven’t spoken to in a while

Always keep your word

DAY 20

Offer to pet sit for someone for free

Shop for someone who is ill

DAY 21

Put extra change in a meter that is about to run out

Send a card or flowers to someone going through tough times

DAY 22

Give up your seat for someone else

Spend a day saying only nice things to others

DAY 23

Be an active listener

Leave a treat for your mail carrier in your mailbox

DAY 24

Visit a sick friend

Forgive mistakes

DAY 25

Tip generously

Leave a thank you note

DAY 26

Cheer up a friend

Ask someone how they are …and really listen

 DAY 27

Leave change in the vending machine

Donate your talent

DAY 28

Compliment others

Be kind to yourself

DAY 29

Do nice things and don’t tell anyone about it

Send a care package to a soldier

DAY 30

Bake a cake for a birthday person

Give chocolate generously and often


Remember, kindness continues with us!


Encourage. Inspire. Empower.

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