Member of The Club

Member of The Club

 Member of The Club, December 26, 2008.

When you receive a diagnosis of cancer, your life changes forever.  From that point on, you are known as the one who has cancer.  Some people deal with it by talking to everyone about every detail.  That just wasn’t me.

My Story

It was a normal morning in November of 2008.  I was in the shower getting ready for the day.  I reached for my loofah (bath sponge) and shower gel.  No loofah!  It was across the bathroom in the tub and I was in a hurry so I just put some shower gel in my hand.  As I moved my hand under my right arm, I felt a lump.  I thought to myself…that’s odd.  Then I compared it to the left side and something was definitely different with my right side.  I quickly got dressed and went to work.  I was the only administrator at school that day so I had no other option.  By the time I was able to contact my primary care doctor, I had an appointment for the first week in December.

CAT Scan and Mammogram

My primary care doctor sent me for a CAT scan suspecting that it was lymphoma and a mammogram just to be on the safe side.  I just had a mammogram in March and I was very vigilant to get one every year. During the mammogram, a lump was detected in my right breast and two suspicious masses in my right axilla (under arm). The radiologists wanted to do biopsies that day but I was in shock.  I can still see myself to this day crouched in the corner of that room as she insisted I get the biopsy right then.  I scheduled a biopsy before I left the mammogram center. In the meantime, I got ready for Christmas and for my  daughter’s graduation from nursing school. I only told my husband and a friend.  They were my immediate support.

                                                              Biopsy Results Made Me a Member of the Club


On December 26, 2008, the day after Christmas, I was in my car on my way to shop for some after Christmas deals when I received a call from my doctor’s nurse.  She asked if I had been contacted regarding my biopsy results.  I told her that no one had called yet.  She said that my doctor was out-of-town but she would have the doctor on call contact me later that day.

Little Did I know That I Would Become a Member of a Club That Day

The call came that afternoon while I was at home with my youngest daughter.  The doctor told me that I  did indeed have  breast cancer!  He was very apologetic for delivering the news over the phone.  Of course, I was full of questions like… How bad is it?  What stage is it?  What now?  He told me that he didn’t know how to read the pathology report but that he didn’t want me to worry.  (Really?  Didn’t want me to worry?)  He went on to say that many of his patients were 10, 20 and even 30 years breast cancer survivors.

Long Weekend

An appointment was scheduled with a Surgical Oncologist for Monday.  It was Friday and I had to wait until Monday to find out details.  All I could think about was how would I tell my husband, children, mother, other family members and friends.

After I hung up the phone, tears streamed down my face. I sat in the front room and stared out the window and I prayed!  Being so quiet because my youngest daughter was home and I didn’t want her to see me upset.

I couldn’t even think clearly but as I look back, I realized that I just became a member of a club whether I wanted to or not.

Now, I am survivor of 7 1/2 years.  I put the 1/2 in there because every day matters.

***I write about my thoughts, my hopes, my soul, my highs, my lows and everything in between. I share my journey through breast cancer and  invite you to read my story in Keeping It Real.

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