Why do you always smile?

Why do you always smile? I am frequently asked that question. Let me tell you why I smile.  Why do you always smile?

The smile on my face doesn’t mean that my life is perfect. After a devastating breast cancer diagnosis,  I had two choices. First, I could spend my time feeling sorry for myself, wondering why I had breast cancer, not get out of bed, or I could hold my head up and smile. I decided to keep smiling. I smiled through the hurt, through the pain, and through the treatment. I smiled through the public shaming and social stigma of having cancer.


For my kids

Most of all, I had to smile and stay strong for my children. Not that I didn’t have weak moments, of course I did. For the most part, I kept that smile on my face no matter how I felt.

Also, I wanted to keep things as normal as possible. I know that’s difficult to do when going through such a traumatizing, unpredictable diagnosis,  and treatment plan. However, it was very important for my girls and my husband to keep things as day-to-day, routine as possible.


Learning to smile

Before breast cancer, I did not always smile and I wasn’t the most positive person. I’m just being totally transparent with you today. Having the experience of going to breast cancer, a devastating life-changing diagnosis, made me realize just how valuable life is. So I made a conscious decision to smile even when I didn’t feel like it.


Through the pain

Smile through the pain, through the good times, through the blah days when you don’t feel like getting out of bed, and every day.  During this time, this became my motto, “Every day is a good day. It is up to you to make it great.”


***I write about my thoughts, my hopes, my soul, my highs, my lows and everything in between. I share my journey through breast cancer and  invite you to read my story in Keeping It Real.

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