Pink Sisters, Ink Sisters

Pink Sisters, Ink Sisters

We chose to be Ink Sisters after life made us Pink Sisters.

Pink Sisters, Ink Sisters


Why get a tattoo now?

Some people might say, “Oh my goodness, you’re not 20 years old anymore. Why are you getting a tattoo?

Somebody else might say, “Why put a bumper sticker on a Ferrari?

My answer to all of these questions is that this tattoo is more than just ink.


More than just ink.

I waited a very long time to get this tattoo because I was torn between celebrating kicking cancer’s butt and the values with which I was raised. Even though I’ve been out of my mom’s house 35 years, her opinion still mattered. My husband was not thrilled but he did not object.

The fear of the pain kept me from getting this tattoo for at least three years. I have endured more needles, procedures, surgeries and scans than anybody should have to go through. I am not alone and know that many cancer warriors endure much more than me.


Looking in the Mirror

What do I see?

When I look in the mirror, I see 10+ involuntary scars, concave skin and more. Some days, I can barely choose to look at myself without my bra on because of what cancer did to me. Not all of us get new perfect breast implants just because we had breast cancer.

After you go through a life-changing event, sometimes you want to document it and celebrate it. Sometimes you do it just so that you can kick cancer in the butt one more time.



Meaningful Ink Sisters

Allow me to introduce my Pink Sister, Ink Sister, Robin.  We have been friends for 20+ years. Our daughter’s grew up together and were good friends. During my breast cancer diagnosis, Robin took my youngest daughter with her family to Washington, DC which really helped my daughter get away from the whole cancer environment and have meaningful time with friends. Now, Robin and I are Pink Sisters. She was diagnosed with breast cancer three years after my diagnosis. We chose to become Ink Sisters.

Pink Sisters, Ink Sisters
Pink Sisters, Ink Sisters
Walk In Faith – 5 Year Survivor


Robin volunteered to go on this adventure with me. She got this beautiful tattoo on her calf because her prayer through her treatment was and continues to be: To Walk In Faith.  Robin is a five year cancer survivor. You can read her full story at this link:



Pink Sisters, Ink Sisters
Pink Sisters, Ink Sisters
8 Year Survivor Tattoo (me)



My tattoo is special because it represents overcoming breast cancer. I designed this tattoo to include the word ‘Hope’. The most important part of my tattoo is that little word hope. Do you see the cute little legs on each side of the ‘H’ and that special ‘e’ as the last letter? I love that about my tattoo because it is my five year old granddaughter’s handwriting. Therefore, it is so special.  Every imperfect line of the ‘e’ is perfect to me.

Here is a video clip of me getting my tattoo:


Every time I look down at my wrist, I’m reminded that I am an eight year cancer survivor.

I am also reminded that this is a mark I chose to put on my body and that I am a warrior.


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  1. Laura,

    This is so sweet! I smiled when I read that you used your granddaughter’s writing. I had no idea – she writes really well. I know you probably have (and will continue) to take some heat from your decision, but I think they look great and serve a great purpose.

    1. Thank you so much, Lauren. I will tell my granddaughter that you complimented her writing. I agree that the tattoos have great meaning and serve a great purpose.

  2. Hi Laura. I love your story. I find it inspirational. Although I haven’t gone through cancer, I do know several people who have and are. I have watched them struggle and some have not gone into remittance yet. Others I have seen come out warriors.

    I love that you included your granddaughter’s handwriting.It makes it all the more meaningful. If I were to get a tattoo for whatever the reason, I’d also want it to be meaningful. 🙂 Thank you for sharing this journey and being authentic. More of us can learn from you to live authentic and unashamed of who we are.

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