Valentine’s Day Reflections: Some of My Fondest Memories

Valentine’s Day is coming up soon, and as I reflect back, there are so many Valentine memories that I want to share. We have had some great Valentine’s Day memories over the years, but I really want to focus on the years during my marriage to Doug.

Newly Married

As a married couple, we always made an effort to go out on a special date and have a nice dinner.  Occasionally, Doug would send me roses.  I really like getting flowers for no reason so much more than an occasion.  It’s just more meaningful.

Married With Children: This Changes Everything

Doug and I were married for six years before we were blessed with our first daughter.  Four years later God blessed us with another child. We were given two beautiful daughters to raise. WOW! That’s a huge responsibility. Our girls were dedicated in the church and we made a promise to God that we would raise them up in the way they should go. (Proverbs 22:6)

Once they were old enough to understand the celebration of Valentine’s Day, Doug and I decided that he would always give them a heart shaped box of Valentine candy. They received a little something from the both of us but when daddy came home, he had a special box of candy for them.

Kelsey, our youngest, remembers that when she turned 16, Daddy left her heart shaped box of candy in her truck so she saw it on her way to school. Their dad has always been there for them.   He treated them the way we wanted their future husbands to treat them.  He was the first man they turned to and will always be there for his girls. This is a quality that I admire about him and one of the many things that makes me love him.

Married: The Empty Nest Years

Doug and I are currently in the ‘Empty Nest’ phase of our lives. While it was certainly an adjustment, we do appreciate the time that we get to spend with each other and focus on our marriage. We love to have different date nights.  One of my favorites we refer to as ‘Cheap Chinese In and Movie Night’. My definition of cheap Chinese is the Chinese take out restaurant at the local mini mall…  Chinese food to go. I love date night by the fire and a good movie.  Once in a while, we go out for dinner and a movie.

My all time favorite date night was when we grabbed Subway and a couple of chairs and watched the sunset over the Gulf of Mexico, It was after chemo and during radiation.  During that time, I wasn’t allowed to be in the sun and I love the sun, the beach, the sand and all things beachy. This was truly a special memory for me, he has been by my side through it all.

Create Memories Everyday

Every day is a new opportunity to create memories and traditions. You write your story every day and write a bestseller.  You will have lasting memories and your children will have those memories as well.

For now, begin to create a lifetime of Valentine’s Day memories.

For Valentine’s Day gift ideas, you can visit my post here. 

What are some of your favorite Valentine’s Day Memories?

Valentine's Day Reflections: What the Day Means to Me


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