Finding Courage in Ordinary Places

I was feeling great.  It was spring break and I only had two appointments that week.

I went to meet with the plastic surgeon who would eventually collaborate with the breast surgeon. Yes, another female doctor.  My entire team were females. Also, I needed the good chemo, Herceptin (Trastuzumab).  Herceptin targets HER2-positive cancer cells and can stop or slow the growth of those cancer cells. I was so blessed that this chemo was beneficial to my recovery.

I drove myself to chemo and wore my fuzzy hat because I didn’t want to put on a wig that day.  I wanted to be comfortable. After chemo, I went to Michael’s looking for an idea to help organize or save all of the cards that I received since my diagnosis.  (I totally forgot about doctor’s orders not to go to the store.  OOPS!)  In January as people began to find out about my diagnosis, I was inundated with cards.  It was such a blessing.   I dated each card and put it in a basket and now the basket was overflowing.

As I walked around Michael’s, I found a scrapbook that was perfect.  It was very plain, no plastic sheet covers or leather binders…just basic.  I chose one album and then I went to pick out some background paper. One thing led to another and I ended up with scrap booking paper, prints and solids, cute stickers and jeweled stickers that were words of encouragement.

Courage to wear my fuzzy hat.

Did I mention that I was in Michael’s with my fuzzy hat on?  I surprised myself by wearing it in public.  I got a few looks, a few avoidance moves but I just smiled and walked with confidence.  I was grateful to be feeling so good and driving myself that I didn’t care about my fuzzy hat stares.
When I got home, I began my project.  First, I glued the background paper on the page and then glued the cards down.  All of my January cards filled the first album.  Highly emotional and full of gratefulness, I just cried.  To think that so many people took the time to reach out to me brought me tears of joy.  As I looked at the pages I filled in the empty spots with the stickers I had purchased, words of encouragement.  I went back to Michael’s the next day and bought 3 more books so that I would have the same style of book to continue this project.

This was a fun way to record my journey and it became very therapeutic as I took time to read each card as I put it in the album.

In addition, I wanted my girls to have something from my journey because I didn’t know what the future would hold.  You can see from the pictures that the January book has a cute ribbon to hold it closed and the other books don’t.  I had to keep it simple.

The main victory in all of this was having the courage to go to the store in my fuzzy hat…even though my doctor wasn’t happy that I exposed myself to all of those germs. I learned so many major lessons during my journey with cancer, but I also learned many seemingly small lessons as well. This was one of them: courage doesn’t have to roar like a lion to be courage, sometimes it is simply walking into the store with a fuzzy hat on.

Want to read more about my journey? I would love for you to read my book.



Finding Courage in Ordinary Places

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing about your fuzzy hat. Each time I read one of your posts, I’m left feeling encouraged to face my fears and remember God is in the midst of my life and all the details. You have a gift. Thank you for using it. God bless you!

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