Cancer Resources: 4 Pieces from My Heart

I have been so blessed recently to have my writing published on several well known platforms. Today, I am excited to share a few of these pieces with you. Each of these pieces comes from my heart and I pray they will be a comforting and informational resource to anyone going through cancer. I hope that you will head over to these wonderful sites to read my work, I truly am blessed by your support and thankful for you each day! 

We Chose To Be Ink Sisters After Life Made Us Pink Sisters

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Pink Sisters, Ink Sisters

Some people might say, “Oh my goodness, you’re not 20 years old anymore. Why are you getting a tattoo?” Somebody else might say, “Why put a bumper sticker on a Ferrari?” My answer to both of these and all related questions is this: “Because a tattoo is more than just ink.”

After you go through a life-changing event, sometimes you want to document it and celebrate it. Sometimes you do it just so that you can kick cancer in the butt one more time. I waited a very long time to get this tattoo because of the psychological and physical scarring my cancer treatment left me with. I have endured more needles, procedures, surgeries and scans than anybody should have to go through. I am not alone and know that many cancer warriors endure much more than me. Still, the fear of the pain kept me from getting this tattoo for at least three years.

Making Sense Of It All

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Before you start chemo, you have to attend Chemo Education. Chemo Education is scheduled with a nurse. My nurse was the sweet nurse from Dr. Wonderful’s office. I am going to refer to the Hematologist-Oncologist/Chemo Doctor as Dr. Wonderful. Doug, my husband, went with me to Chemo Education. The clinic suggests that you bring at least one of your care givers. I had my calendar with note paper in the back and I was ready to take notes.

As I returned home with handfuls of information, I realized that I needed to organize all of this information so I could find it as needed. I had a couple of small piles already…. chemo info, notes from two doctors and my mammogram and CT report. I decided to organize the information in a 3 ring binder.

Not So Boldly Bald

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My hair was starting to fall out and I wanted to bond with my girls in a hair cutting celebration but it didn’t really turn out to be a celebration. It was still too raw for all of us. The girls didn’t really want to cut my hair so Kelsey took the pictures and Paige reluctantly began to cut my hair. All of us had to hold back tears and we tried to smile through the tears. I admire all of the women who journey through this disease and boldly go bald. That just wasn’t me. After my head was completely shaved, I joined Doug and his mom in the family room. I was wearing a soft beige turban. Turbans and wigs were part of the new normal.

Twice Sisters

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My sister and I are ‘twice sisters’ meaning we are blood sisters (born sisters) and pink sisters. Both of us have been personally affected by breast cancer which makes us pink sisters. In September/October of 2014, my sister called me to tell me that her mammogram was flagged and the radiologist really wanted to do a biopsy because she saw a cluster of cells. Cheryll had a real peace about the whole process. It seemed like a lifetime had passed from the first call about the biopsy to the results call. In the meantime, I prayed and prayed and prayed!! She had just started a new job and I prayed to God that she would be okay and not have to join the Breast Cancer Survivor group.




Cancer Resources: 4 Pieces From My Heart

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