Life Is A Gift: Why I Don’t Take Anything for Granted

My life is a gift.  I was 47 years old when I was diagnosed with Invasive Ductal Carcinoma.  How could this be?  I did not have a history of breast cancer in my family.  I did not think this would ever happen to me. Don’t we all feel that way? We all think we are invincible…until we aren’t.

In all reality, it did happen to me. By the time I was diagnosed, the cancer was Stage 3a and Grade III, a very aggressive form of cancer.

The gift of life became very real.

Even the first doctor I saw told me how LUCKY I was that it was breast cancer because I could probably survive at least five years.

It has been seven years since diagnosis. I have been blessed to plan and attend the weddings of both of my daughters, attend a the graduation of my youngest daughter from college and have been blessed with three grandchildren.
One night I couldn’t sleep and I wrote this poem about our beautiful granddaughter.

Life Is a gift.

Walking With Madison

By Laura Starner

Walking with Madison

I’m so blessed you see.

To spend time with her,

Just Madison and me.

Walking with Madison…

Every detail she finds.

She exhibits her youth

With an inquiring mind.

Walking with Madison…

I treasure these days.

She reminds me of her mom

In so many ways.

Walking with Madison…

Profound empathy she shows.

A kind heart and beauty

But she doesn’t even know.

I treasure our walks

And enthusiastic talks.

She changed the world I see.

Just Madison and me.

After cancer, I take nothing for granted. I value every day with my family and friends.  I know I am here on this earth for a reason.  I live each day with purpose. I thank God that I am here today! My life is a gift. So instead of sitting around and feeling sorry for myself and wondering why…I choose to LIVE!

I invite you to read about journey through breast cancer now available in my eBook, Keeping It Real  on Is a Gift: Why I Don't Take Anything for Granted

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  1. Love it! Mad respect! My gran was diagnosed 7 years ago & I grew out a piece of my hair as a buddhist silent prayer. Everyday I pray that the cancer never comes back. Can’t wait to show her this. Arigato!

  2. Great testimony and even better that you shared it with us. We need to hear those kind of stories again and again to remind ourselves how important are the little things. I’m sure that your granddaughter will remember those moments for long.

  3. Great testimony and even better that you shared it. We need to hear those stories again and again to remember how important it is to live little moments. I’m sure your granddaughter will remember that moment too.

  4. I admire women who fight through cancer and are living their life to the fullest. It’s definitely a tough issue to handle but they handle it with grace and strength, it’s so beautiful. That poem is so moving and heartfelt.

  5. Things happen for a reason. I’m glad you don’t have cancer anymore. Sometimes we need to remember why we’re here in God helps us do that.

  6. This caught me “Every day I have with my family and friends is valued. I figure I am here on this earth and it must be for a reason. I live each day with purpose. I thank God that I am here today! My life is a gift. So instead of sitting around and feeling sorry for myself and wondering why…I choose to LIVE!”

    Precisely what we need to do and embody everyday!

  7. Your testimony is beautiful. Surviving something that others do not can be a great reminder of not only the fleeting nature of life, but of its beauty. Thank you for sharing.

  8. What a wonderful story, I love stories about surviving in cancer, I’m so glad that you are okay now.

  9. Thank you for sharing a part of your journey.
    It’s definitely eye opening and also makes me question those researchers telling women to get tested later in life.

    That poem will live on! It’s lovely!

  10. In all that we go through, we can still say, “Our God is good,” because of testimonies like yours. He has the final say, not the doctors. I pray you have many more years to enjoy your family and bless the world in Jesus’ name. I pinned this to our group board called! Inspiring Poems and Stories. Shalom!

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