A Tribute To My Mom

I dedicate this post as a tribute to my mom in celebration of Mother’s Day.

She is my ROCK! She was there during my chemo and after my surgery and even before all of the medical stuff.  She raised two girls as a single mom during the time when child support wasn’t given much priority. I never felt as if I ever missed out on anything.

She kept us active in church and always prioritized church over all other activities. My sister and I were involved in the music department at church and participated on tours with our respective singing groups.

I played basketball and volleyball and would go to away games with the team.  My mom would give me her last $5.00 so I could go on these away trips. In retrospect, she gave me her lunch money. I would venture to say that there were many times she sacrificed so that my sister and I could have what we needed.

We enjoyed a lot of ‘staycations’.

A ‘staycation’ is a weekend get away or vacation just a few miles from your home.  Our neighbor had a small cottage near the beach and would rent it to us at a discounted rate.  As I reflect back on these memories, it is no coincidence that we just happened to live by a neighbor who had a beach cottage. That is the favor of God on a strong Christian woman just trying to raise her girls.


One of my best memories was when she signed me up for college while I was on tour with the church singing group.  I told her as a wise 18-year-old girl, I just needed a semester off from school. Funny.  She wasn’t having that. When I returned home, she informed me that I needed to go to the college and sign up for my classes because I was enrolled in Southeastern University.  Now that is a strong woman. She saw my potential.  I  graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree and became a teacher,  Then, I went on to earn a Master’s Degree and became and Assistant Principal and eventually a Principal.

Heart Surgery

During my first year as a Principal,  she needed heart surgery to replace a valve.  During the operation, she also needed a pacemaker/defibrillator to keep her heart beating.  She made it through the surgery.  However, she had to stay in the SICU twice as long as the surgeon anticipated. The total days in the hospital were also twice what the doctor anticipated. He had no explanation for the delay in her recovery. I visited daily and posted Bible verses on her encouragement board. I sat by her bed and begged God for more time with her. My prayers were answered. She is a fighter and she continues to fight every day.  She continues to exercise 3+ times per week.  It just took some time after surgery to regain her strength back. My mom is a five year survivor of heart valve replacement surgery.

In the years since surgery, she has been blessed with three great-grandchildren.  I am blessed that she lives close enough to really know her great-grandchildren.  She visits them weekly and helps me on days that I have the kids. I value every minute with her. I am thankful for God’s favor on our lives and so blessed to write this tribute to my mom, the survivor, woman of God, and fabulous Meme.

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A Tribute To My Mom

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  1. How wonderful that you have such a great relationship. I live really close to my mom and nana, too.

  2. What a beautiful tribute to your Mom. I am teary-eyed while reading this post. You are lucky to have a strong Mom that will do anything especially her girls to go to school. e

  3. Our moms will always be our favorite people in the world. I will always look up to mine. This is such a touching post, she deserves all the love that you can give her.

  4. I feel so blessed with realizations because of your post. Thank you for writing this and about your mom. I’m sure she feels a lot more good for you than you’d expect and I hope you guys can have more pleasant memories.

  5. Its really comforting to have a mom who would help you with your kids from time to time. Our moms can really be our rock as they would really be there to help us and cheer us come what may.

  6. Your mom is so strong, you are so blessed to have her as a mother. She wanted the best for you and I know she is so proud of you!

  7. This is a wonderful tribute to your mom! Your mom reminds me of my granny, she was an optimist, a fighter and a very strong women! God bless you and your family!

  8. You’re blessed that your mom can see the kids regularly. I’m so happy she got through that surgery too (even though it took a while to bounce back).

  9. Beautiful!! It is amazing how when we look back on our childhoods we begin to see the sacrifices and things our Mother’s did that we may not have noticed or realized then. What a beautiful tribute to your Mother! Thank you for sharing it and your memories with us.

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