A Message to Cancer Survivors

National Cancer Survivors Day

Did you know that I am one in 15 million?  You may be one in 15 million, too.

I am grateful to be a survivor of the dreaded disease.  I had a moment of celebration. Nothing fancy. No family cookout or barbecue. In fact, I simply posted on my Facebook page to inform others of the significance of the day and then I said a prayer.

Recently, I shared some stories of hope from Cancer Survivors, I invite you to read that post here.


Cancer Survivors

I celebrate  survivors of all cancers.  To go through cancer treatment, you have to be a warrior because you fight for your life.  I celebrate you or someone you know.

In the midst of celebration, I pause for a reality check and pray for those who are fighting this very minute for their life. My prayer for you is that you have strength, and are surrounded with support from family and friends. Please know that you are not alone. I do not know you but I pray for you every day.

As a survivor, I also remember those who lost the battle with cancer and several come to mind.

I have to mention my friend, Nancy. She was diagnosed with breast cancer a couple years after me and lost the battle with breast cancer. I live every day to the fullest because I know she would tell me to do that. I walked in the Race For the Cure 5K in memory of her.

Celebrate those who survive.

Support those who fight.

Remember those who lost the battle because they would want you to live every day.

Even though I would rather not be a part of this statistic. I am grateful that I am one in 15 million.

I invite you to read my story in Keeping It Real.

A Message to Cancer Survivors | Cancer Story | Stories of Hope | Breast Cancer


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