Fill Your Heart With Hope One Word at a Time

Often times in this blog and on my Facebook page, I encourage you to fill your heart with hope one word at a time. Now you can start your morning with an inspirational coffee mug that fills your heart with hope and fill your heart with God’s words and bring encouragement throughout the day.

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Inspiration for the coffee mugs:

Immediately after my diagnosis with breast cancer, my eldest daughter and I went shopping to find a book and I didn’t find a book but that day we found a mug and it had a verse on it.

We have created several inspirational mugs to help you  fill your heart with hope one word at a time and to wrap yourself and God’s promises and just know that he is with you as you start your day. You can view the mugs here.

Inspiration for the blanket collection:

When I was a little girl, my grandmother always had a blanket across her knees. I could never understand why even in the summer she wanted to keep this blanket across her knees. Then I went through chemo and I began to understand the constant pain that she had in her legs. So with her in mind, we designed a blanket that would be lightweight yet cozy and warm.

We also wanted the blanket to be a source of encouragement. I looked for multiple blankets at different times that had verses on them but I couldn’t find one that had more than one verse on it. So we decided to create the product that I would’ve loved to have during chemo as a reminder of just how much God is with me every minute of the day.

Because I will be honest, there were times when I didn’t feel like God was there and this would’ve been so wonderful to wrap myself in God’s promises. We’re excited to share with you today the blanket that we created at Laura’s Journey Of Hope and we hope you love it as much as we do. I would love if you would check out the blankets here. 


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