An Open Letter To My Granddaughter’s Kindergarten Teacher

As I think about her first day of kindergarten, I close my eyes and see my granddaughter, who is only 6o months old. She’s walking down the sidewalk to her kindergarten classroom holding hands with her mom and dad. She has her backpack full of school supplies and her favorite lunchbox. She is smiling from ear to ear and she is beyond excited to start kindergarten. In less than a week, she and all of her new friends will cross the threshold to a new beginning.

I write this letter on behalf of all those who love and adore Madison…her parents, along with me and her Papa.

To My Granddaughter’s Kindergarten Teacher

First, we want to thank you in advance for several things.

Thank you for:

  • your sacrifice.
  • teaching.
  • loving kids as your own.
  • staying late to conference with parents.
  • coming early to make sure special activities are fun, engaging, and go smoothly.

We recognize that you do not make enough money and yet you choose to teach.  For that, we are truly grateful.

Let Me Tell You About Madison

She has amazing ideas.

Madison comes to you with a love for learning and already thinks you’re wonderful. She comes to you with amazing ideas so we ask that you to listen to her ideas because she has important things to say.  We have spent the last five years encouraging her to talk and she will we talk. Sometimes, she might talk at the wrong time but she will learn.

She respects you already.

We have taught her to respect you and your position of authority. We know that you will have between 18 to 21 students and she will be just one of those 18 to 21 but she’s our one and only.  She is the light of our eyes and she makes us smile when she walks in the room. We love her and she is the star of the show.  She is kindhearted and sensitive. Because she is so excited to learn, she already knows that kindergarten is the best thing ever.   Madison already loves you.


An Open Letter to My Granddaughter's Kindergarten Teacher | Back to School | Kindergarten Student | Teacher Quote | Teachers InspireShe will make mistakes.

She is a child and she will make mistakes.  After all, she is only 60 months old. In the grand scheme of things, she has only been talking for 36 months and walking for 48 months.

 Madison thinks Kindergarten will be…

Madison thinks kindergarten is going be full of butterflies, friends, and playing on the playground. She thinks the playground is full of slides, people and squirrels and believes the classroom is full of pictures, books, and toys.  She thinks you will be nice, neat, and perfecto! Yes, she actually said ‘perfecto’.  She thinks you have beautiful hair and a braid with rainbows, clouds, and butterflies.

Madison said when the teacher says something in kindergarten you just do it even if you don’t want to do it. She thinks her day will look like this: eat lunch, play outside, sing songs… maybe even Jesus Loves Me.  Also, she imagines her day will be filled with reading books, learning to read, learning to tie shoes, playing with her friends, and learning about letters.

The Reality

We know that kindergarten is not going to look exactly like she expects it to look. We understand that there are state and federal mandates that dictate what our schools need to accomplish. Most of the individuals making those mandates usually have never been in the kindergarten classroom. They sit behind their mahogany desks never having stepped in a classroom, never having taken education classes and then they make laws for our kids.

Of course, we understand that you need to follow these mandates handed down by the state and federal government. However, we also understand that your inspiration can help your students make those changes smoother. Your creativity and love of learning can take those mandates and make kindergarten fun for our kids. For that, we truly thank you.  Our goal for Madison is that she excels academically and leaves kindergarten with a deeper love of learning.

“Teachers inspire dreams, shape lives, and give us hope for the future.” ~Author Unknown

We pray that you and your students have an outstanding year of learning, and fun.

An Open Letter to My Granddaughter's Kindergarten Teacher | Back to School | Kindergarten Student

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