3 Tips to Make Back to School Fun & Easy

Are you seeing school buses on the road? Yes, it is that time again.

School has started or it is about to start.  Stores are overflowing with school supplies and I still have to stop and look.  I purchase my usual go to’s every year: sharpies, highlighters, folders and a new calendar. I love the calendar that goes from July – July.  My daughter says it’s the teacher in me.  That could be, but I love it because I can efficiently use every minute of my day.

As a retired elementary school principal, education is still a huge part of my life. I have been involved in education as a student, teacher, parent, administrator and community member.  Now, I’m the grandma (Mimi) and the community member. My granddaughter is starting kindergarten this year and I am involved in a committee for our local school as a community member.

3 Tips For Back To School

  • Talk to your child about school.
  • Have a routine.
  • Communicate with the teacher.

First, when talking to your child about school, ask open-ended questions.

These are questions that require an answer other than yes, no or a single word.

For example, You can ask:

  • What was your favorite part about lunch? Why? (You will be amazed how much you will learn from this.)
  • What was the story about? What was your favorite part of the story?  Why?( In every level of school, students read so this applies to everyone.)

Main tip: Ask why?

Why, you may ask? Follow up by asking your child why because it will be his/her opinion which  is a safe question to answer. Be sure to validate his/her answer. Eventually, you will naturally ask the next question and it becomes a dialogue rather than a question and answer session.

Have a routine.

I have personal experience with this one.  My daughter was not the most organized student in the middle years of elementary school. Once I realized that she needed more structure than I was providing, she did fine. To get her started, I put a checklist on her door.  Before she left her room every morning, she went through the checklist to make sure she had everything.


    • Glasses
    • Belt
    • Homework
    • Lunchbox

    • Backpack

Designate a place for your child to read and study.

Make an area to keep the backpack and lunch box.

Ensure that your child eats a healthy breakfast.

Choose a bedtime that is age appropriate for your child.

Communicate with the teacher.

As the teacher, I would conference with each parent twice a year, sometimes more and sometimes less.

As a parent, I would attend Open House and if anything was unclear, I would speak to the teacher. If I understood the class schedule, homework policy and other important elements of the day, I usually requested a conference in January.

Communication is the key for a successful school year. Read newsletters that are sent home or check for the teacher’s website. So many teacher’s have a class website that explains the homework expectations and the assignments for the week.  Be sure to write down the teacher’s email.

I hope everyone has a fantastic school year and remember, it’s all about the kids.

Did I leave off any tips that you would like to give the readers? I want to hear from you Add your back to school tips in the comments.

3 Tips to Make Back to School Fun & Easy

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