“Fight Like A Girl” – Will It Be Enough?

fight like a girl

“Fight Like A Girl” is a popular phrase that represents woman of all ages who fight the horrible disease of breast cancer.

Will it be enough  to ‘fight like a girl?’

Will that work with the latest guideline changes from the American Cancer Society on mammograms released in 2015?

“The new American Cancer Society guidelines are far more complicated. They say women of average risk of breast cancer can wait until they’re 45 to have a first mammogram and should have them every year until age 55, and then start having them every other year.”

Where does this come from? 

It is a compromise with the recommendations from the U. S. Preventative Services Task Force, (USPSTF) that recommends most women can safely “wait until they are 50” and that women over 50 only need a mammogram every other year from then on.


SO… where does this USPSTF recommendation come from?

(This is where it gets real.)  The USPSTF sets guidelines for the government health insurance policies. (OBAMACARE)

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Let me put this in perspective for my diagnosis. If I would have followed the OBAMACARE recommendations, I would probably be dead.   If fact, I’m blessed to be here today.. The odds were not in my favor. At age 47, I was diagnosed with Stage 3a, Grade III breast cancer. 

“Here are the American Cancer Society’s new recommendations for women at average risk:

  • Women should undergo regular screening mammography starting at age 45.
  • Women 45 to 54 years of age should be screened annually.
  • Women 55 years and older should transition to biennial screening or have the opportunity to continue screening annually.
  • Women should have the opportunity to begin annual screening between the ages of 40 and 44 years.
  • Women should continue screening mammography as long as their overall health is good and they have a life expectancy of 10 years or longer.
  • Clinical breast examination is not recommended for breast cancer screening among average-risk women at any age.

“The most important thing about our new guidelines is to validate that screening mammography is the most effective thing a woman can do to reduce her chances of dying of breast cancer,” the cancer society’s Dr. Richard Wender told NBC News.”

MY Girls will need to start mammograms at age 37 because I was diagnosed with breast cancer at age 47. 

I am going to encourage them to start a health care fund just as I encourage them to start a retirement fund.  Insurance is paying less for mammograms. So be sure YOU plan ahead and be informed.

Link to the article that I have quoted | American Cancer Society Issues new Mammogram Guidelines by Maggie Fox and Jane Derenows

How To Fight Like A Girl

  • Be vigilant about your health care.
  • Ask questions.
  • Investigate best options.
  • Today, more than ever YOU need to ADVOCATE for your health care.

What do you think about these new guidelines?

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"Fight Like A Girl" - Will It Be Enough?

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