Breast Cancer: 3 Ways to Advocate For Yourself

We are right in the middle of Breast Cancer Awareness Month and the stores are decorated with ‘blush and bashful’ colored products. Pink is everywhere. With all of the media and social attention, I still had no idea that I was even at risk for breast cancer.

I must admit when I received my breast cancer diagnosis, my spirit was crushed. Not only was my spirit crushed, I felt like I had been abandoned.  I know good and well that God did not abandon me but at the time, I felt so overcome with sadness.

The Lord is close to the brokenhearted; he rescues those whose spirits are crushed. Psalm 34:18 (New Living Translation)

Going through those months of treatment and everything that comes along with that the chemo, radiation, two surgeries, three ports, and PICC line are emotionally and physically exhausting.

We shouldn’t have to worry about Health Insurance and Health Care on top of everything else. I shared a few of the changes and recommendations from the American Cancer Society and the OBAMACARE Health plan as it stands in this post.

I am passionate in my message that women everywhere need to advocate for themselves and if you don’t have the strength, get a team together. Here are three tips to help you become and advocate for yourself.

3 Tips To Help You Advocate For Yourself

  • Be vigilant about your health care: keep track of yearly screenings, physicals and more.
  • Ask questions: I know that doctors can be intimidating so bring a family member or friends to the visit with you.
  • Write down questions in advance. Doctors are on a tight schedule and you may forget your question so write all questions down in advance. (If it offends your doctor that you are asking questions, that might not me the best doctor for you.)

I would have loved to have this blanket to take to chemo and just have in my house. This is such a great gift for family members, friends, anyone facing a challenge or needing encouragement. 

Breast Cancer- 3 Ways to Advocate For Yourself

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