Pink Sisters, Twice Sisters

My sister and I are ‘twice sisters’ meaning we are blood sisters (born sisters) and pink sisters.  Both of us have been personally affected  by breast cancer which makes us pink sisters.  In September/October of 2014, my sister called me to tell me that her mammogram was flagged and the radiologist really wanted to do a biopsy because she saw a cluster of cells.  I told her that the majority of biopsies turn out to be benign and my motto was..’Don’t worry until you need to’.  Now, we all know that is almost impossible but I really try to practice the concept.

 Positive Outlook

Cheryll had a real peace about the whole process.  It seemed like a lifetime had passed from the first call about the biopsy to the results call.  In the meantime, I prayed and prayed and prayed!!

She had just started a new job and I prayed to God that she would be okay and not have to join the Breast Cancer Survivor group.  I have traveled that road.  I was diagnosed the day after Christmas in 2008 with Stage 3a, Grade III, Invasive Ductal Carcinoma.  I prayed that she would not have to go down that road and that she would never have to endure chemotherapy and radiation. I prayed for a clear report.

Biopsy Report – Pink Sisters

When she received the biopsy report, she was diagnosed with breast cancer.  I was devastated. Now, we were pink sisters because we were both diagnosed with breast cancer. I thought I took the bullet for the family. I cried. I cried for her.  Then, I prayed…okay God, if she has to have this diagnosis, I pray they caught it early.

Thankfully, they caught it early at Stage 0. She would only need a lumpectomy and radiation. The doctor was amazed and told her that it was unbelievable that it was only Stage 0. Regardless of what stage the breast cancer is a 1, 2, 3, or 4, a diagnosis brings so much more with it. Not only does it take a toll on you physically but it takes a toll on you emotionally and psychologically. It’s not like a root canal that you fix it in 2-3 visits to the dentist.

We Need A Cure

Okay…my view/opinion about breast cancer… the very hormone, estrogen, that defines you as a woman ends up globbing together with other estrogen cells to become breast cancer. So the very hormone that makes you a woman, tries to kill you, and the treatment robs you of your hair, eyelashes, eyebrows and so much more. I hope you can infer that I find this entire concept, hideous, outrageous and unacceptable. However, I can’t change that so I will only give it this small paragraph.

I am glad to report that Cheryll is cancer free (from breast cancer).   I am blessed to have her as my sister and now we are twice sisters…pink sisters.

UPDATE: She is fighting a recurrent Uterine cancer that sat dormant for 23 years. Prayers are appreciated.

If you know of someone going through cancer, one of my mugs would be the perfect gift for you to share with them.

***We have found so much great information in Beating Cancer with Nutrition: Optimal Nutrition Can Improve Outcome inMedically-Treated Cancer Patients.  This book has changed the way I eat and take care of my body. Now, Cheryll is following the lifestyle plan explained in this amazing book.

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  1. Breast cancer is something very dear to my heart. Watching my sister in law go through it and knowing the struggles she still faces, even now that she is cancer free is so hard to watch. I will need to share this blog with her.

  2. Taking the time to pray for Cheryll right now. Sorry that you both went through that fight. My mother had breast cancer at 44 and then I had appendiceal cancer at 44 as well. It creates a bond like nothing else.

    1. Thank you for the prayers, Christina. Praying that you stay in good health. Yes, going through cancer can create a strong bond. Blessings to you.

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