A Fun Craft for All Ages: Reindeer Feed & Reindeer Dust

Reindeer Feed and Reindeer Dust were a fun part of Kindergarten centers, Now, I get to have this fun with my grandchildren.

Here is the link to our Facebook Live video where I made reindeer Feed and Reindeer Dust with my granddaughter. It was so much fun. Check it out here: https://www.facebook.com/laurasjourneyofhope/videos/697520933744188/

Reindeer Feed

Here is the recipe for Reindeer Feed:
Gummy Bears
Teddy Graham’s

So, you really just use the snacks in your house.  Snacks that your child or children really like to eat.

I had her count 1-10 of each item just because I wanted to show a kindergarten skill, one to one correspondence, but you can just have them pick up a little bit of each snack food and put it in the baggie.

On Christmas Eve, the children take their reindeer feed and they put it outside, near the door, where  Santa is going to park the reindeer.  In the morning,  the reindeer feed is in small pieces because it has been stomped on by the reindeer. (hint, hint)

Reindeer Feed and Reindeer Dust

Reindeer Dust

Reindeer Dust: mix a handful of potpourri and little bit of glitter,  any kind of glitter you want.  I just got the modern glitter from Target because I happened to be there and I was in a little bit of a hurry.

On Christmas Eve, children sprinkle the Reindeer Dust in the yard so the reindeer can see the children’s house (glitter) and smell their house (potpourri) from the sky. After all, Rudolf guides Santa’s sleigh.

Christmas Crafts

Reindeer Feed and Reindeer Dust are a great activity on those rainy or snowy days when you need to pull something together and have fun. It is also fun to plan on doing. My girls always enjoyed putting out the feed and sprinkling the dust in the yard.

I told my eldest daughter what I was planning and she said, “I bought Reindeer Food from SAM’S and I was like…”Oh, no. That is not Reindeer Feed. I have to make it.” There are just some things that you can’t buy at the store, like traditions.

Be Blessed and Merry Christmas!

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