Inspiring Christmas Tree Themes


A Christmas Tree is many things to many people. As a child, we had a fake tree with multi-color lights and ornaments but the main thing I remember was the tinsel.  I loved that tinsel until it came time to clean up. It wasn’t until I got older that I realized people decorated differently. Also, some people decorate with multiple trees. Who knew? This blog honors a variety of themed trees and the meaning they hold in the owners heart.

Alyson’s ‘Beach Themed’ Christmas Tree

Inspiring Christmas Tree Themes

I chose a beach themed Christmas tree because the beach is where my soul rejuvenates and my mind is at peace. Dealing with all of life’s struggles and stresses, the beach always heals me. I love having that peacefulness surround me at Christmas time because our beach trips are few and far between this time of year, so I brought the beach to me.

Debbie’s Christmas Tree

Inspiring Christmas Tree Themes

I started buying Hallmark ornaments the year we got married, 1975.  Our tree is full of meaningful ornaments that I’ve purchased every year since then….so special to us.

Ashley’s Family Christmas Tree

Inspiring Christmas Tree Themes

Our tree consists of ornaments the kids have made, we have received and we buy one for each child every year. They love to put up the ones they have made. It just makes the tree special. Also, they help make cookies and pass them out to the neighbors. On Christmas Eve, they each open one gift which consists of pajamas and a holiday book we read together.

Cheri’s Family Christmas Tree

Inspiring Christmas Tree Themes

“Collecting ornaments for the kids as they grew and from places we’ve lived and traveled has always been so much fun. I always thought the kids would want their ornaments for their trees once they had their own homes but that isn’t the case. They tell me, “It just wouldn’t be the same as coming to your house and seeing them on your tree”. Each year, as I think of how much work is involved and how much busier life seems to be, I briefly consider not putting it up, BUT… as I pull out each ornament, I fondly remember that time in my life and /or think of someone special who gave me such a sweet gift or relive a happy memory of some place I’ve been.

That’s what I think is the best gift & what makes the work of putting that tree up worth it. Sweet memories of people and places in life that make it meaningful. So, every year, despite the work, I can’t imagine not putting the “Family tree” up and somehow manage to get it and everything else done!!”

Cheri’s ‘Snowflake Themed’ Christmas Tree

Inspiring Christmas Tree Themes

“As a child, we didn’t have a Christmas tree in our home due to family religious beliefs. I always loved to see the beautifully decorated trees in other homes, with their shiny ornaments and bright twinkling lights and couldn’t wait to decorate my own someday! After I thought long and hard about how to decorate my “Pretty Tree” whenever I had one, I chose to have  a ‘Snowflake Tree.’. I LOVE snowflakes because each one is beautifully  different, unique and one of a kind!!

To me that is just another reminder of how awesome God is and that He could think of so many beautiful patterns!! In His eyes, we are like snowflakes because just like the snowflake, each of us is different and have a unique “pattern” or story. So, I chose a Winter Wonderland snow theme for my “Pretty Tree”. It makes me feel peaceful as I gaze upon it during the holiday season. Additionally, I miss the snowy winters I remember from Ohio and this helps me to feel at “home” too. In Albuquerque, it might be the only snow I see if we have a mild winter!!! ”

Robin’s Breast Cancer Survivor Tree 

Inspiring Christmas Tree Themes

Robin recently celebrated 5 years as breast cancer survivor. Her pink tree inspired this celebration of ‘themed trees’. You can read her story here:

My ‘Gold and Cream’ Christmas Tree

Inspiring Christmas Tree Themes
My Gold & Cream Tree

I love a gold and cream tree and I love Christmas. My decorations are gold and cream silk poinsettias, gold poinsettias, roses, pinecones and berries. The gathering of friends and family and seeing those who I haven’t seen in months or years warms my heart.  Most of all , I love the lights at Christmas because it reminds me of the verse…Jesus is the light of the world.

The exact verse is John 8:12 (ESV) “Again Jesus spoke to them, saying, “I am the light of the world.  Whoever follows me will not walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.”

I’m curious, which one is your favorite tree or tell me about your tree in the comments.

Merry Christmas!

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  1. I have to favor the gold and cream Christmas tree at the bottom. I’m a sucker for the ‘classic Christmas’ look; I use cream, pale gold, and red on my own tree. This year I’m running two different trees. One has my shatterproof ornaments (bolstered by some new purchases) for my 1 year old daughter to play with. The other 3′ Tree is safely out of reach and contains the keepsake ornaments. These are the ornaments that tell our family story.

  2. This is such a fun post! My tree was hot pink and lime green last year (YEP!) just for something different but that’s first time I’ve changed it up. My Mom gave my brother and I ornaments every year since we were kids and I’m doing the same for my children so that’s really what’s covering our tree, memories from the 1980’s to now. I love your gold and cream tree though, that’s beautiful!

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