Being Present In The Moment: Why It’s So Important

The holiday season is filled with so many memories for me. While it is a season of rejoicing and celebration, it can also be a season of sadness for many. Today, I want to share a few moments from the holiday season that have helped me remember how important it is to be present in the moment. Enjoy each day, because you never know what might be around the corner.

Happy heart that turned heavy…

A regular Saturday morning with my husband, daughter and granddaughter.

We went to Cracker Barrel for breakfast and as we were shown to our table, we passed the table where we usually sat when we met my dad there.

As we passed our usual family table, I remembered all of the breakfasts that my family of 4 had with my dad.

He loved hearing about my kids and what they were up to.

Now, this is the 6th Christmas that my dad will be in heaven.

As I sat in Cracker Barrel, my eyes kept welling up with tears.

As I watched my sweet granddaughter, I kept thinking of just how much he would love to see her.

Truth be told…. we didn’t have breakfast often but when we did, it was so SPECIAL.

Take time.

Take time to make memories and celebrate the special people in your life.


Precious Memories

I remember when I was about seven or eight years old, I got a new bike for Christmas.  Dad was teaching me to ride it and decided that I was ready to go down the hill in the woods across from our house. This wasn’t a hill like we have in Florida. It was quite a steep hill on a narrow path. He had so much more confidence in me than I did.

As I started down that hill, I was going way too fast. About half way down the hill, I grabbed on to the nearest tree branch and hung on for dear life. I just let my new bike tumble down the hill without me.

At the time, my dad was a little irritated with me to say the least because after all, it was a new bike. Years later, he would tell that story when we all got together and we would laugh and laugh.

Christmas Memories & Chocolate Covered Cherries 

My dad loved chocolate covered cherries.   When we would ask him what he wanted for Christmas, he would list a few basic items:

  • white socks
  • white t-shirts
  • chocolate covered cherries
  • cherry pie (baked by me)

I buy chocolate covered cherries every Christmas because they remind me of my dad. I buy them as soon as they are for sale and I leave them unopened on my kitchen counter because it’s like a part of him is still with me. I managed to go all year without eating them..

Christmas really is about gathering with family and friends. I believe that Christmas was my dad’s favorite holiday because his girls and grandchildren would all gather together for a Christmas Eve dinner.  As our family grew, we began to celebrate on Christmas Eve, Eve. No matter the day or time, it’s all about the time spent with family.

Daddy loved to see us open our presents and especially see his granddaughters open their presents.  He never asked for anything.  He always said that he had everything that he needed and now I understand what he meant. He just wanted us to all come together and give him the gift of time.

Lost Time

Dad was alive long enough to see his first great grandchild: the one who made him great, as in a  Great Grandfather. We called  him Papa and we remember him every day.  Now he has four great-grandchildren and an additional son-in-law. He sees us from heaven and I’m sure that he smiles down on us.


As you gather with family and friends, remember that it is about your time together. I invite you to share Christmas memories in the comments below.

Merry Christmas!

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