About Laura Starner

Survivor. Author. Speaker. Cheerleader of Hope

I believe in hope.

It’s a feeling or desire that has carried me from a woman with stage 3 cancer to a now victorious conqueror and motivator.

Though cancer was a part of my life, I am much more than my past diagnosis.

Laura Starner. Survivor. Author. Speaker and Cheerleader of HopeLike a prism, I have multiple facets.

The Professional: I’m an author, speaker, and former educator.

The Nurturer: I’m a wife, mother, and grandmother.

The God-Fearer: Jesus is my everything.

The Fun-Seeker: I’m an avid beach-goer, reader, mountain-seeker, and gardener.

After 23 years in education, I retired as a school administrator when I realized that though I was living my dream as a leader in education, I was missing out on time with my family. When I walked away from my job, I jumped in head-first to being an involved grandmother, motivational writer, and speaker.

What I Write About:

  1. Inspiration & Hope: This section will include my “aha moments from my devotions and anything inspiring that God lays on my heart.
  2. Family & Fun: This section will highlight holiday projects, summer fun, garden discoveries, flowers, and more.
  3. Breast Cancer: This section will focus on excerpts of my story like what I’ve learned, my journey walking alongside suffering friends, and the difficult effects of cancer. This category will also offer tips to help loved ones through a serious illness.

What I Believe:

Everyone can live a powerful life.

Hovering is welcomed when it’s my grandkids or hummingbirds.

I am a true miracle.

What I learned from my past invader:

Cancer was a difficult battle, but it didnt win or keep me from living. It taught me to cherish every single moment, express genuine gratitude for life, and recognize beauty in all things. I’ve also learned that the grace of God is real and generous.

The Book:

Eight years as a breast cancer survivor, I am thankful for every minute Im given.

I understand what it feels like to wait ten days for a biopsy report and receive devastating news. I understand that you may not want to leave the house, but if you are ready to fight, consider me your cheerleader. I’m in your corner.

Still, I have tears run down my cheek every now and then when I think about my story, but I am so blessed to share my journey with those who need hope and encouragement. 

When I was caught in the middle of my war against cancer, I found peace from hearing stories of victory. However, rarely were these stories written by an average, working mother like me. I may not be able to hold your hand or wipe your tears, but let me give you a story of an ordinary womans faith, hope, and resilience in the face of darkness.

Maybe youve just received devastating news of a family member diagnosed with cancer, or maybe youre the woman looking in the mirror with the bald head, a body of scars, and a tired spirit. But Im here to tell you that you can have HOPE.

Let me walk with you on your journey and encourage you to fight your battle because, though battered and bruised, you can rise!

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Read This Book If…

You don’t know how or where to begin your journey after being diagnosed with cancer.

You have a loved one who has been diagnosed with a serious illness and you aren’t sure how to provide the right support.

You need tips to become a better advocate for yourself or loved one.

You want to know how to create positive memories along the way.

You just want a story about someone who was victorious.

You want to step away from fear and despair into a place of hope.

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