Memories of My Dad

My Dad

My dad was known as Big Dave. When I think of him, several things come to mind: The Broker…car salesman.  He could sell you a car even if you couldn’t drive. He had a magnetic personality and he helped many of the local car dealers start their businesses. Champion Bowler – He loved to bowl and…

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A Mother’s Tear: A Memorial Day Tribute

A Mother’s Tear is a beautiful poem written by Amy Peterson. It reminds me that we should remember our service men and women every day. Also, we need to remember the families because they also make a sacrifice. I love this poem. It speaks to sacrifice, service and a mother’s perspective. Enjoy. A Mother’s Tear There’s more…

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A Tribute To My Mom

I dedicate this post as a tribute to my mom in celebration of Mother’s Day. She is my ROCK! She was there during my chemo and after my surgery and even before all of the medical stuff.  She raised two girls as a single mom during the time when child support wasn’t given much priority.…

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