“Fight Like A Girl” – Will It Be Enough?

fight like a girl

“Fight Like A Girl” is a popular phrase that represents woman of all ages who fight the horrible disease of breast cancer. Will it be enough  to ‘fight like a girl?’ Will that work with the latest guideline changes from the American Cancer Society on mammograms released in 2015? “The new American Cancer Society guidelines are…

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Does ‘Pinktober’ Glamorize Breast Cancer?

It’s October! ‘Pinktober’ – October is notoriously known as Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Everything turns pink. PINK + October = ‘Pinktober’  The NFL celebrates by having players wear pink cleats, wristbands, and more.  Even some popular buildings ‘go pink.’ What do you think when you see ‘pink’ everywhere in October? Do you ignore it so you won’t…

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Life Saving Loofah

It was a normal morning in November of 2008.  I was in the shower getting ready for the day.  I reached for my loofah (bath sponge) and shower gel.  No loofah!  It was across the bathroom in the tub and I was in a hurry so I just put some shower gel in my hand. …

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